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When a Landlord Won’t Return a Security Deposit


I moved into an apartment on a one-year lease. Thirty days before the end of my lease, I gave notice to vacate and requested, in writing, the return of my security deposit and interest.

I moved out on March 2 and have yet to receive a check or a notice stating that the landlord was keeping the deposit. There was no damage to the apartment, so I expect the full deposit to be returned. They are not returning my calls.

What should I do? 


Dov Treiman, a Manhattan real estate lawyer, said the tenant had two possible paths to pursue. “First, the tenant may bring a case in small claims court or, for very large security deposits, in the regular part of the New York City Civil Court,” he said.

“Second, the tenant may file a complaint with the Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection of the New York State Attorney General’s Office.”

Mr. Treiman said that pressing the case in small claims court or Civil Court could prove very frustrating, because it could entail several appearances in court.

Also, the landlord will frequently be represented by a lawyer, and the tenant typically will not be. While not always the case, the lawyer could use various tactics to delay the case or to wear the tenant down in hopes of forcing him or her to give up.

Even if the tenant wins in court, Mr. Treiman added, he or she would then have to turn over the judgment to a city marshal to have it enforced, a process that can also be time consuming and somewhat expensive.

On the other hand, the consumer fraud bureau of the Attorney General’s Office is very interested in these cases and in getting them resolved quickly. “They have tremendous power to coerce landlords to return the security deposit, but will only do so if the deposit has not been returned for more than 30 days after the tenant moves out,” Mr. Treiman said.

The Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection is at 120 Broadway in Lower Manhattan. The toll-free consumer help line is (800) 771-7755.

Sex and the City – The Real Estate Episode

Real estate of Sex and the City

The Sex and the City movie is everywhere! The HBO series included some fabulous shoes, but at Trulia, we’re more interested in the fabulous real estate. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda each had distinct personalities, and the housing to match. Here’s a look at some great properties listed on Trulia that would surely be approved by the girls of Sex and the City:

• Carrie – When we last left Carrie, she was enjoying the single-girl lifestyle in a brownstone apartment in the Upper East Side. This classic brownstone with modern upgrades priced below $800,000 might make a great first home purchase. The private outdoor patio looks like a great spot for an evening cosmopolitan – or two!
• Samantha – This sleek condo a few blocks up from the Meatpacking District has Samantha all over it. The modern interior with huge windows and great views has the sexy look that would appeal to her uninhibited sensibility. (And the glass shower door doesn’t hurt, either.)
• Charlotte – Nothing but a classic Park Avenue pad for her! This beautiful Park Avenue co-op has the traditional, sophisticated look that Charlotte embodies.
• Miranda – The only one to move outside of Manhattan, Miranda would enjoy the extra space that comes with this Park Slope home. Its backyard is great for a family, and a second unit in the house could either be rented out as an investment or used for overnight visitors from Manhattan.

Fri, Jun 6, 2008

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Celebrity Listings Fix

Recent Celebrity Listing Activity


Actress from hit TV series ‘24′ sells LA beach bungalow

sold for $1,200,000

2br / 2ba 762 sqft 

Multi-millionaire Sidney Kimmel sells Palm Beach mansion for $77.5 MM to former Goldman Sachs COO

sold for $77,500,000
9br 18,437 sqft

E! ‘Talk Soup’ host Joel McHale unloads Glendale, CA home

sold for $732,000
2br / 2ba 1,634 sqft

MTV Reality TV star Lauren Conrad buys Spanish-style home in Hollywood

sold for $2,360,000

3br / 1ba 2,166 sqft

Actress Sharon Stone slashes price on Mediterranean mansion – again!


7br / 8ba 

Former home of Rat Packer, Dean Martin, just listed


5br / 6ba

Disco queen Diana Ross lists French Normandy-style mansion

15br / 14ba

Bravo’s famous flipper, Jeff Lewis’ TV home on the market


3 br / 3.5 ba 3,024 sqf