Extell Unveils New (Improved?) Riverside Center

riverside center1
Extell Development Company showed the public its new design on Wednesday for Riverside Center, the biggest development proposal in the neighborhood, and one of the biggest in the city. It’s got five towers with at least 2,500 apartments, 210,000 square feet of retail, a hotel, a movie theater, an underground automobile service center, a new K-8 school, and a fountain that you can play in with your shoes off. Words can only go so far to describe it, so we took plenty of pictures (at bottom, including a larger picture of the above drawing).

Extell modified its original design to change the heights of buildings and space them out more, and it is getting rid of its proposal to include a Costco or other big-box retailer. But more on that later.

Riverside Center would stretch from 59th to 61st Streets, and West End Avenue to the edge of the West Side Highway (in the future a new road called Riverside Boulevard will flank the development to the West).

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By: Avi – Westside Independent

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