Interview w/ Nancy Chemtob Esq. – Johnathan Miller Housing Helix Podcast


Johnathan Miller – The Housing Helix

25 Feb 2010 | Interviews, Law, Podcasts

I speak with Nancy Chemtob, a partner with Chemtob Moss Forman & Talbert, LLP a New York City law firm specializing in divorce, family and matrimonial law.  My firm has done a lot of work with Nancy and her partners over the years and admire her approach and candor.  Plus she’s fun to talk with.

The biggest asset in a divorce action is most often the real estate.  The housing market crunch of the past 18 months has played havoc with the divorce process.  What’s most interesting is the fact that divorce attorneys are often at the leading edge of a changing real estate market as their clients deal with the reality of market conditions within their strategy.

Note: I’ve got a new equipment set-up (again) and I am still wrangling with it so my audio track is a bit too loud.  But Nancy makes her presence heard.

Interview Can Be Heard Here

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