Goldman Sachs-Robbed The Treasury. Will Their Profits Trickle Down?

Nick Hetherington
I took this statement from the always super insightful and pithy Matt Taibbi-Taken altogether, what all of this means is that Goldman’s profit announcement is a giant “fuck you” to the rest of the country. It is a statement of supreme privilege, an announcement that it feels no shame in taking subsidies and funneling them directly into their pockets, and moreover feels no fear of any public response. It knows that it’s untouchable and it’s not going to change its behavior for anyone. And it doesn’t matter who knows it.

Yes, we should all we outraged and there are fingers to point at many of the culprits that steered Goldman to safety while millions have been shipwrecked, left jobless and homeless. For those guilty please stand up, Tim Geithner, Hank Paulson, Lloyd Blankfein and the list continues.
My only question is will the employees who will be receiving their big, fat bonuses spend it in a wise and love of The Country style manner? Maybe they will help prop up the local economy where they live and shop. Maybe they will purchase real estate in and around New York City giving us a positive 1st quarter in 2010. Let’s follow the money and hope that those of us who are at the bottom of the food chain with arms outstretched asking their government
for a handout will be seen by the fat cats who received billions and will stop to help a brother out.

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