The Apthorp Reduce Prices Must Sell By September Deadline

The Apthorp Courtyard

The Apthorp Courtyard

NY Apartment Updates: THE Apthorp, one of New York’s grandest apartment buildings with a sprawling interior courtyard and vaulted limestone arches has been wracked with contentious disputes, feuding partners, lenders threatening to foreclose but now there’s calm after the storm.
[NY Times]Asking prices on the condominiums fell to an average of $1,950 a square foot from $2,400 to $3,000, at least for the buyers of the first 25 or so apartments that must be sold before the condo plan can be declared effective.

Will the many celebrities that have been considering a purchase at this noble establishment Alec Baldwin, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, Tommy Mottola, return now that the dust has settled? Will they be seduced now the prices are even more affordable despite the fact that they are the only one’s who could afford them in the first place?

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