Madonna’s $40M Townhouse Now Just a $32.5M Townhouse


One Of Only 26 rooms

One Of Only 26 rooms

It’s official: Madonna is an Upper East Sider, having just closed on the 57-foot-wide Georgian-style townhouse at 152 East 81st Street. Yes, yes—eww, east of Lexington Avenue, the horror, blah blah blah. The lingering mystery was how much the Material Girl shelled out, with initial reports putting her bid at $40 million (the asking price was $42 million, down from $45M). Not so, the Times’ Josh Barbanel reports.

Madge paid only $32.5 million, or $1.25 million per each of its 26 rooms. Of course, there’s also a pair of garages to preserve a bit of privacy and a 3,000-square-foot garden for the brood to stretch their legs. It’s the biggest townhouse deal of the year, but will the discount silence brokers who criticized Madonna’s big-money move to the wrong side of Lex?

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