Top Ten Reasons To Love The Highline-The Grand Opening

IMG_20090608_001It was a glorious day. And one highly anticipated. Will there be mixed reviews? Probably this is New York after all and here everyone has an opinion and for those of us that couldn’t get paid to write for an online newsjournal we’ll resort to the blogosphere. Fortunately for those reading I will spare you from having to read the typical droll and low blow comments about a beautiful new elevated park in which the blogger had invested zero time or money. How could they? They were too busy blogging.


So instead, It’s one long round of applause for the entire Highline project. Bravo. Well done. What a rare and beautiful treat the ‘Friends of The Highline’ have given New Yorkers.

The setting of course is sublime in the ever changing Meat Packing District. The walk to the entrance of the Park is full of sensory temptation from the fine perfumed mist spray of the Diane Von Furstenberg store (not sure if the mist spray is still there but is was so intoxicating) to the always full of humor Andre Balaz Standard Hotel garden bar. And now you finally arrive at the entrance, and it is stunning.  The tease is that you can see the heads of the foliage and trees 40 feet in the air on the way to entrance and like any superb tease the main attraction delivers.  Here are the top ten reasons to love The Highline.

Number 1. The perfect integration of steel, concrete, glass, railroad track and native plant species.IMG_20090608_021

Number 2. Views to the Hudson River, with the mix of the cobblestone streets, 19th century townhouses and warehouses, 21st century condos and the power of suggestion billboards asking us to enjoy Tequilla. Um, yes please.

Number 3. The Standard Hotel. Will someone please debate me on why this is not an ingenious design. I know you’re out there.

Number 4. Native plants, one in particular that is unusually beautiful.  Standing at about 4′ tall with tentacles fanning out from the stem like capillaries.

Number 5.  Wooden cabana benches. Lie down, 40′ in the air and look west.IMG_20090608_029

Number 6. The walkway cut through a redbrick warehouse with neon blue lights that shine from the steel girders where a friendly girl sells mixed berry iced tea in the opening.

IMG_20090608_006Number 7. The glass viewing platform with wooden steps that look North up Tenth Ave. If you are a street performer this is a terrific opportunity to bring your act. It makes for one hell of a stage with two dimensions.

Number 8. The highline staff and volunteers. Thankyou.

Number 9. The thought of where I’ll spend many afternoons and evenings with friends or simply by myself. I love Central Park but this is new special.

Number 10. This is just the beginning. There’s more that await us in section 2. Stay tuned.IMG_20090608_037

Nick Hetherington

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