NYLS WINS !!!!!!!! ((NYLS 52 – LIC 43))

Final Score

Last night Team NYLS defeated Team “LIC” to win their 2nd “Urban Professional League” Championship…

GAME SUMMARY: With many fans cheering them on, Team NYLS got off to a shaky start and trailed by two points at halftime (22-20). In the second half however, Team NYLS got it together; led by leading scorer Laverne Goulbourne (22 points) and Michael Roche (14 points), NYLS hit a number of amazing shots to take the lead for good with 10 minutes left in the game. Team captain Giovanni Castro provided much needed leadership down the stretch and 6th man Ben Brown played great defense and provided excellent toughness in the second half. In the end it was Team NYLS 52 and Team “LIC” 43. Team NYLS finished the season with 13 wins and only 1 defeat.

Team NYLS would like to thank those who attended the game (and those who arrived just after the conclusion of the game) and the Championship Afterparty.

 N Y L S

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